Uncontested Divorce

Divorce doesn’t always have to be complex, costly or time-intensive. Sometimes the parties are able to reach an agreement prior to filing that resolves issues of property division, custody and support.  We refer to such cases as uncontested divorces, sometimes called a simple divorce or an easy divorce.  

In such cases, our uncontested divorce lawyers are able to provide assistance by preparing the necessary court documents required for filing your case as well as the finalization paperwork that reflects the settlement terms that you and your spouse have previously agreed to. 

No-Fault vs. Uncontested

Many people confuse the term “no-fault” with “non-contested.” Though they may seem interchangeable, these terms have separate meanings in regards to divorce.

Missouri is a “no-fault” state, which means that neither spouse needs to find, or detail, any “fault” of their spouse in order to qualify to file for divorce.  Though most people have a reason, there is no need to spell it out in your pleadings. 

“Non-contested” means that you and your spouse have worked out every detail of your upcoming divorce and there is nothing that you two don’t agree upon.  Why is this so important?  Because even disagreeing on any one item moves your case from non-contested to contested.  And most divorce attorneys in St. Louis bill for their time on contested cases.

Worth the Fight?

Well, when you find yourself about to fight over the dirt devil vacuum (a real example), you need to stop and ask yourself just how important is that item to you, and is it worth spending your hard-earned resources to keep it or to "win." 

If your answer is yes, our aggressive, contested divorce lawyers are here to fight for your interests.  But if your answer is no, our uncontested divorce lawyers will help facilitate your new start.  

Our divorce attorneys cannot stop your spouse from picking a fight.  But at the Zolman Law Firm in St. Louis, we help you avoid the unnecessary fights, and in turn, maintain your resources as best as possible.  When a fight is necessary, our experienced divorce attorneys are ready. 

Our Process

Once you have assured yourself that you have everything agreed upon, we can work hand-in-hand with you to make that plan a reality.  The whole process takes about six to seven weeks and in most cases, you will not be required to appear in court (or find parking near the courthouse).  Since our work is minimized, your cost is minimized.  And, you have more money left at the end of the divorce to move forward with your life.


At Zolman Law Firm, a non-contested divorce may qualify for a flat rate.  Our uncontested divorce lawyers prepare a Waiver of Service for your spouse to sign, which avoids the embarrassment of your spouse being served and the cost to you of having them served.

Some people believe that only couples with little or no assets can take advantage of a non-contested divorce.  That simply isn’t true.  If you two can agree, then it doesn’t matter how many assets you have, and we have hundreds of cases to back-up this statement.

Our team of divorce attorneys are dedicated to help you with your situation and are ready to assist you with your non-contested divorce. Contact Zolman Law Firm in St. Louis for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your divorce, at 314.846.6633, or simply fill out the form below: