Traffic Law in St. Louis

Receiving a traffic citation can result in points on your license, increased insurance costs, license suspension or revocation, result in a probation violation, and can even impact any ongoing litigation you are involved in. Often a driver receives more than one citation resulting from a traffic stop. Frequently, it is possible to minimize the impact any traffic citation may have with the representation of an experienced traffic attorney. 

If you have a traffic citation but missed your court date, there may be a warrant issued for your arrest for Failure to Appear.  It is important to address this as soon as possible to get the warrant recalled and a new court date scheduled.  Each case is unique based on the circumstances of the traffic stop and the driver involved. 

The Zolman Law Firm in St. Louis represents clients to minimize the impact of traffic citations and help keep your driving privileges unaffected. In most cases, our attorneys are able to negotiate a case to obtain a reduced charge.

Moving violations in Missouri are assigned point values that accumulate against your driving record and can result in a loss of your driving privileges.  If your license is suspended or revoked due to point accumulation and you continue to drive, you could be cited for Driving While Suspended or Driving While Revoked.  These charges can be serious.  It is important to have an attorney representing you as soon as you receive any traffic citation to avoid points being assessed against your record. 

If you have already pled guilty to a traffic citation without the consultation of an attorney, in very narrow circumstances it may be possible to recall your guilty plea and re-address the original charge.  If you are in this situation, contact Zolman Law Firm in St. Louis for further evaluation of your circumstances.