Criminal Defense Attorney

The Zolman Law Firm is uniquely qualified and prepared to handle all aspects of your criminal defense.  Our experienced criminal defense lawyers work diligently to strategize the most effective defense.  

Being charged with a crime in Missouri can have severe financial, legal, and emotional consequences for the person that is charged. Facing the prospect of a substantial fine, losing a job, or being imprisoned can be one of the most fearful and uncertain times that a person may face. When enduring this situation, it is imperative to have an aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney at your side. 

The St. Louis, criminal defense lawyers at the Zolman Law Firm have extensive experience representing criminal defendants, and are ready to start fighting for you, your financial resources, and your freedom. Contact an attorney at the Zolman Law Firm today for a free consultation by calling 314.846.6633.


Any prosecution is only as good as the evidence that is supporting it. Law enforcement must comply with strict procedures when gathering evidence and information, and they often fail to do so. The seizure of evidence beyond the scope of a warrant, inconsistencies in the evidentiary chain of custody, and the continuation of questioning after the suspect requests an attorney are but a few of the errors made by law enforcement. Prosecutors in turn must comply with legal rules when charging and presenting such evidence in court. Prosecutors can run into trouble proving a case beyond a reasonable doubt when they lack the proper foundation to present evidence or have uncooperative witnesses. To avoid a conviction, it is essential that a defendant have the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the errors commonly made by law enforcement and prosecutors.  The attorneys at the Zolman Law Firm use the intricate rules governing the collection and presentation evidence to achieve a better outcome in your case.

Many criminal cases are resolved without a trial. Trials are a very expensive, time-consuming process, and prosecutors are no more eager to expend those resources than are defendants. In some cases, a complete dismissal of the charges may be possible. If the charges cannot be dismissed, then an experienced criminal defense attorney may negotiate with the prosecutor and see that the defendant pleads to a lesser crime or incurs a reduced sentence. No matter how your case is resolved, the criminal defense attorneys at the Zolman Law Firm will provide you with the attentive and relentless representation that is necessary to avoid a wrongful conviction and a detrimental sentence. 



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