Father's Rights in St. Louis

Some people bristle when they hear the phrase “Father’s Rights”, thinking that the person or firm somehow prefers male clients over female clients; or, even worse, that Mothers should be excluded from their children’s lives.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

The term “Father’s Rights” is a reference to cases where an unmarried couple have had a child together and the Mother has taken the child home from the hospital and is excluding (or severely limiting) the Father from contact with the child.  Perhaps the Mother has already asked the State of Missouri to help her get child support for the child [See Child Support - Administrative], and the Father learns that the State of Missouri is going to make sure he pays child support and provides health insurance for the child; however, the State has no interest whatsoever in helping the Father set up any type of visitation schedule. 

This is how Administrative Child Support works, i.e. the State wants to make sure that the child has health insurance and financial support so that the child does not need financial support from the state.

In the overwhelming majority of calls that we receive involving the above situation, the Father is simply interested in obtaining a Parenting Plan so that they can be an active Father in the child’s life. 

The actual legal term for this type of case is a Paternity Case [See Paternity], but the phrase “Father’s Rights” has developed over the years because it is the Fathers that find themselves in this situation (as they were not the parent that gave birth and therefore naturally had the child in their arms when they left the hospital).  We believe, as do the Courts, that absent issues that could cause harm to the child, that each child deserves the love and nurturing of both parents.

We represent both mothers and fathers (not in the same case of course), in assisting our client in making sure that a child is financially supported by both parents (with a fair child support amount), provided with health insurance, and given the opportunity to grow up happy and healthy with input from both parents in their lives with a fair schedule for parenting time.

No matter whether you are the Mother or the Father, no matter what your situation involves, we can help.  Call our office to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney that will be able to explain the options that are available to you.